Tron is already has a large number of partnerships and always seems to be announcing new developments and projects helping it to create a rich ecosystem.

Tron usually announces its new partnerships via its Medium blog or social media accounts. Here are some examples:

Here are some of Tron’s most prominent partnerships in more detail:


The multinational bike sharing company with over 10 million users partnered with Tron to launch its own cryptocurrency ‘oCoin’ using the Tron protocol. Users will be able to ride oBikes and earn oCoins, which can be used to pay for future rides.

oBikes has created a loyalty program where the more the bikes are used the more coins that are earned. The oCoins can also be used in the wider Tron ecosystem.

  Global Social Chain (GSC):

One of the most significant partnerships for Tron, GlobalSocialChain is a social networking site with over 100 million users worldwide. Tron provides GSC “with great support in aspects of funds, technology, and infrastructure.”

  Baofeng Group:

The ‘Netflix of China’ has also partnered with Tron, which has over 200 million users and provides streaming services to users. The aim of the partnership is to open a “new-era of blockchain-based entertainment.”


China’s search giant Baidu, a multi-billion-dollar homegrown enterprise partnered with Tron. 

However, the partnership caused some controversy as some claim that Justin Sun overhyped the new deal, which only involves the use of Baidu’s cloud resources by Tron rather than anything at the blockchain-level.


The shining jewel of Tron’s ecosystem, BitTorrent, has over 100 million users. Though it is not a ‘partnership,’ but an acquisition, it’s fair to say that BitTorrent will play a crucial role in driving the mass adoption of Tron and blockchain tech. The BitTorrent token (BTT) is a TRC-10 token that will enable users to pay for faster downloads on the peer-to-peer platform.

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