Tron was launched as an ICO on the Ethereum blockchain. Between August 31st and September 2, 2017, the project held a successful ICO.

The initial token price for each Tron ERC20 token was fixed at $0.0019, and the initial funding goal was $70 million.

Tron raised 100% of its funding goal while accepting deposits in both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The coin hard cap for TRX is 100 billion. 40% of these coins were distributed during the company’s public offering, 15% were reserved for a private offering, and 35% went to the Tron Foundation and the ecosystem.

Interestingly, 10% of the coins were reserved for Peiwo Huanle (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. Note that Peiwo’s Snapchat-like app now uses blockchain and is headed by Tron founder Justin Sun.

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