Tron has a large list of wallets that support TRX listed on its website. This includes Tron community developed wallets and Tron-dev collaboration wallets.

Community Developed TRX Wallets

Tron has 8 versions of community developed wallets listed on its website which includes:

TronLink App Android – TronLink App IOS – TronLink Chrome – TronLink – TronPay Chrome– TRON Wallet Desktop – TRON Wallet IOS – TRON Wallet IOS/Android

Tron (TRX) community developed wallets – Source: Tron.Network

Tron-dev Collaboration TRX Wallets

Tron has 15 TRON-dev Collaboration Wallets listed on its website. This includes:

Trust Wallet – Huobi Wallet – Bitpie Wallet IOS/Android – Cobo Wallet IOS/Android – Freewallet – Ledger Hardware Wallet – Atomic Wallet – BIXIN Wallet – Exodus Wallet – Wallet – Math Wallet – VenaPi Wallet – BitKeep Wallet – Hoo Wallet – Buntoy Wallet

A sample of the TRON-dev Collaboration TRX Wallets – Source: Tron.Network

Most cryptocurrency exchanges that offer TRX trading will have there own built in TRX hot wallets where you can store your TRX and other cryptocurrencies if you are actively trading them.

Which Is the Best TRX Wallet?

The Ledger Nano S could be considered the most secure hardware wallet for TRX. The hardware wallet looks like a USB drive and comes with a small touchscreen.

A popular and secure choice for a mobile TRX wallet would be Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet is the official crypto wallet of Binance. And Binance and Tron have a very close relationship, often collaborating on projects, so its no surprise TRX is supported here.

TronLink is a great choice for a browser wallet for TRON. It enables users to receive and send TRX, as well as TRC10 and TRC20 tokens. Developers are able to integrate TronLink into their websites for creating Decentralised Apps. Developers are able to integrate smart contract calls, which enables the use of decentralized applications from within the browser.

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