BTFS 1.1.0 allows BitTorrent users to earn BTT

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Host UI of BTFS BitTorrent

Tron team finally announced the official release of BTFS version 1.1.0 with fully integrated BTT reward. This is a new beginning of decentralized storage and create rewards available to all users.

BTFS version 1.1.0 featured Host UI and this has a new experience to all users and allow non-technical people to get onboard quickly. If you are using BitTorrent Windows Client, you can use Host UI with a few clicks.

The biggest feature of this BTFS version is the real use of BTT token in Tron ecosystem. Potential BTT earnings can be seen by dragging the host storage block. Your storage size also can be customized and you can turn on or off the Host anytime.

If you have a spare computer (minimum of 2 cores and 2GB RAM and 32GB free local disk space), you can start being a Decentralized Host Provider right now.

There are 2 ways to access BTFS’s Host UI:

Main Host UI features in this BTFS version 1.1.0:

  • Storage Size can be set by user
  • ON/OFF Status, Host Score, Uptime Percentage, committed Contracts number
  • See BTT earning and payment
  • Host Pricing in BTFS Network

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