C-Virus to launch Tron-based CVAX token and its JACKPOT game about Corona Virus

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C-Virus aims to raise fund from this game for the real battle against the real COVID-19 virus. Access the game at c-virus.org

The Tron network keeps attracting developers to write and deploy decentralized applications and games.

Gaming is a massive source of entertainment for Tron users, Most of Tron-based dApps are gambling and casino dapps. Many of them are new in different ways, the game create fair betting odds to the players and users and have found interesting ways to share their profits with their players so that participation earns them a passive income daily.

The newest team to join Tron with a new app is known as the C-Virus It aims to raise fund for COVID-19 battle and attract the attention of all the participants in the online casino environment of the world.

The CVAX token by C-Virus

C-Virus issued a Tron-based token called CVAX stands for COVID-19 VACCINE which will fuel the Jackpot game. CVAX’s total supply will be of 100 million. 60% will be distributed among users through mining activities. 5% will finance the project’s launch. 20% will be spent on development, marketing, transfer fees, and other needed costs related to the new platform’s operations.

How the game played?

In the game, players aim to get the JACKPOT and to trap as many COVID-19 virus as possible and convert them to CVAX Vaccine Tokens. Each round last 1 hour and automatically starts when there are 2 or more participants. Players pay 50 TRX to join the game and can join multiple times each round. It will increase the chance of winning. The game will return a random number of COVID-19 virus to the player and they can be converted to CVAX token at rate of 10:1. This called MINING VACCINE Process.

At the end of the round, the game randomly select 3 players from the list. winners will get 70% of the played money. 20% is sent to COVID-19 fund to help fight the real Corona virus. 10% is kept in a Dividend Pool to pay for #CVAX Vaccine Token Holders.

There are 3 winners sharing the Jackpot at 60%, 25% and 15% for 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place.

COVID-19 FUND and CVAX Dividends

C-Virus creates a COVID-19 Fund which is 20% of the whole pot to support the battle against the real COVID-19 virus which is becoming an epidemic in China. COVID-19 Fund hopefully will grow quick and big enough so it can contribute as soon as possible to bring the world back to normal.

10% of the whole pot is gathered at Dividend Pool and it is used to pay for CVAX Token Hodlers. Start from 1st March 2020, the dividend will be payout daily. The more you hodl, the more you earn its simple.

How much I could make with C-Virus?

The income earned by C-Virus users will depend on the MINING VACCINE Process in question, but it will be a reward for playing, basically. That’s what we’ve seen so far in most of Tron’s gaming platforms. C-Virus’ way of , however, is very different than those of already established platforms such as WINK. Players have to go through VIRUS trapping to VACCINE making process.

We look forward to seeing C-Virus’ new proposal in blockchain gaming and its social impact in the battle against the new Corona Virus – COVID-19.

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