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Largest Dapp directory published a quarter three dapp market report, which unveiled that the Tron has added 500,000 users on the mainnet in Q3, and the platform remained the second most popular network for building Dapps.

Dapp/Decentralized applications on top of blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Tron, and EOS have become a hot topic these days, especially for developers.

As per the latest market report presented by, the largest directory of the Dapps, the Tron blockchain platform still stands as the second most popular network for developers to build their decentralized applications. The first being Ethereum, which saw a steady performance for Q3 in comparison with the other blockchains. 

Tron has become the Largest Blockchain Platform

The report highlights the significant growth of Tron users and states that the platform becomes the most significant blockchain platform that launched since 2017. It reads as follows;

TRON has added another 500,000 users on the mainnet in Q3 – with a total amount of over 3.7 million mainnet addresses

Moreover, the Tron network has become the ultimate choice for gaming projects. Following the significant findings,’s Q3 report quickly gained the attention of Tron boss, Justin Sun, who then took to Twitter and appreciated the Dapp platform for the excellent Q3 report. He tweeted;

However, on the back of the report, Tron gained a momentous growth in terms of market capitalization. The token, which was standing on the 14th most significant spot, has captured the eleventh largest place on the graph of Coinmarketcap today.

At the time of reporting, Tron is scoring higher with 6.58 percent within the past 24Hrs, which notably influenced its market capitalization. While it’s trading volume counts $1,078,248,667, the token is currently trading at $0.016 against US Dollar.

An overall market assessment of Dapp for Q3 shows that the transactional volume of these Dapp is down nearly 40 percent. Only 148 dapps launched in Q3 of this year, whereas it was 164 dapps every month during the first half of 2019.

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Tron has become the Largest Blockchain Platform

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