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John McAfee starts beta trials of his decentralized exchange and offers anyone to set up ‘portals’ on the basis of the DEX and receive part of fees from every buy trade.

Last week, U.Today reported that a thought leader in the crypto industry, John McAfee, had announced that today, on October 7, the beta trials of his decentralized exchange, Mcafeedex, would kick off.

Today, McAfee shared more details regarding the exchange on his Twitter page.

Decentralized. Distributed. Open source.
No listing fees. No personal information. 0.25% taker fees. No maker fees. No deposits. Smart contract assurance – trustless. All Ethernet based tokens. EOS, Neo, and more coming soon. How did we do it?

The former antivirus magnate and a US presidential candidate tweeted that he and his team allow others to build ‘portals’ to help power trading operations on his Ethereum-based dex.

The team will assist in the installation of the software package for a fee of $395 and the runners of the portals will get 0.05% off each purchase trade that goes through them. No percentage to paid to the McAfee dex team for that.

McAfee Dex portals are exact copies of our website running on different hosts and managed by different people or organizations. Portal managers collect 0.05% of all buy transactions entering through that host. All hosts have access to all buy/sell orders. Small installation fee

Besides, McAfee said that the dex is open source, so anyone can take the source code and change it the way they like, even eliminate the trading fees.

He has also promised to launch his dex on Tron soon.

McAfee dex to launch on Tron

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John McAfee TRON-Based DEX to Launch Soon, let users have Free ‘Franchise’
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