Tron Dapp Report Oct 2019

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Key Numbers Overview

According to DAppReview, the number of TRON DApps continued to grow in the past week, reaching 622 in total, marked a 6.5% week-on-week growth and an increase of 38 DApps. Both the number and the volume of transactions have picked up since last week. TRON-based BTFS Protocol launched its mainnet in Q3, 2019, providing support and simple development tools for TRON DApps that are in need of decentralized storage network. Meanwhile, BTFS will have some of the quality DApps up and running on its platform. In general, TRON’s DApp ecosystem is growing at a steady pace, and we welcome participation from more developers and users in the TRON ecosystem.

TRON DApp Experience Report

The first DApp on our list today is Golden Craft, the blockchain version of Minecraft. Users obtain resources by venturing out in the dungeons. They can also make unique and rare items, exchange them with users all over the world or sell them for TRX.

Trees in the game have different values due to their different genetic combinations, appearances, and the yields (DX and FF production). To change the genetic combination of the trees in the game, users can change the tree’s value both ways through a mix of factors including the effort and time they invested in the tree, their luck and popularity among other players.

The second DApp Crypto Tree, which will release a limited number of 600,000 trees on the TRON network. Each tree is a unique, encrypted digital TRC21 asset. The completely decentralized Crypto Tree can grow FF (tree leaf and a digital asset) infinitely. It will not die, cannot be copied, tampered with or destroyed and is 100% owned by its user.

From day 1 when the user chooses a tree, he has to boost the tree’s hash rate from time to time to make sure that the trees can always grow FF and produce DX (tree fruit and a digital asset), and other digital assets. The higher the hash rate is, the greater the yields and consequently the potential value of the tree.

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