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Blockchain technology is changing and gained increasing adoption since its inception. And one of its applications which are still in its infancy is Decentralized Storage.

Every cloud storage service uses the same fundamental architecture.  They all sync or copy data to a centralized cloud server cluster.  Decentralized File Storage, on the other hand, uses a decentralized or edge cloud architecture.  No files are stored on a single server.  Instead files are splitted into pieces and stored across global nodes.

BTFS – BitTorrent File System

BTFS stands for BitTorrent File System and it enhances its origin IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to the next level. BTFS takes advantage of a fork of the IPFS implementation as a start. IPFS was built upon a
collection of state of the art technologies such as BitTorrent, distributed hash tables (DHT) etc., and has excellent technical potential. BTFS will incorporate significant improvements as it progresses. BitTorrent and TRON‘s engineering teams with decades of first hand distributed system experience will improve upon the protocol’s efficiency, scalability, predictability, availability, and stability.

Traditional file storage systems have many inherent problems, such as centralized trust, overarching control by a single authority or organization, ability of governments to impose censorship, high cost, lock-in effect, and low fault tolerance.

Advantages of a Decentralized Storage BTFS

  • All files from the entire organizational storage infrastructure can be remotely access, shared and collaborated, even from multiple locations – not limited to subsets
  • No duplication to third party servers or secondary locations – reduces the threat surface and simplifies the storage structure for a reduced risk posture
  • Leverages existing storage infrastructure and servers for the lowest cost model
  • 100 million BitTorrent user nodes
  • Incentives from BitTorrent token (BTT) for running nodes and sharing files

The first web-based decentralized BTFS file storage is available for trial at Have to look and try

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