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Team Tron2Moon proudly announces that we successfully created a torrent ranking tool for all BitTorrent users. You can find the tool at:

Since the beta release of uTorrent with BitTorrent Speed feature integrated, many seeders struggle and have problem using BitTorrent Speed. We have received feedbacks from seeders all around the world saying:

I am seeding thousand of torrents and dont get a penny.

Losing BTT while seeding.

BitTorrent Speed is off but my BTT still goes down.

And we have the solution for all BitTorrent seeders, #Tron2Moon created World 1st BitTorrent Speed torrent ranking Tool. This tool displays torrents in high demand and therefore seeders know exactly which torrents they should seed.

You should look for high Leechers/Seeders Ratio; high Leecher count and low Seeder count. By seeding these torrents you have higher chance of getting paid. Of course BitTorrent Speed is still in beta testing, so it’s hard to answer questions like Who knows how long you need to seed torrents from tops of bitseed to earn BTT?

However base on our experiment with BitTorrent Speed, we can say that at this stage money is hidden in Adult contents. We have setup 3 computers running uTorrent and share torrents from 3 categories: 18+, HD movies, Applications. And the results are 18+ contents give the best at 2000 BTT for less than 2 weeks; 69BTT for Applications and none for HD movies.

You should always turn of BitTorrent Speed if you dont want to drain your BTT wallet. Only turn it on if you want to download the files quicker before seeding.

The seeder and leecher counts change so we update the list every 10 minutes. Make sure you come back to update the list.

If you have any question, join our chat groups on Telegram and Discord

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Torrent Ranking Tool for BitTorrent Speed
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