TRON Weekly Report 06.22—06.28 English Version in Text

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Technological progress this week

• Architecture:Optimized database storage;

• Mechanism: Increased anonymous transaction unit test; improved API documentation;

• Smart contract: Improved the ability of Sun-network customization.

Plan for next week:

• Architecture: Develop fast forwarding node witness statistics; Mechanism: Research how to convert constraints into circuits;

• Smart contract Improve TVM documentation and multi-oralces code.


On-chain data

TRCIN block height exceeded 10.47 million and the total number of nodes stood at 1,329.
The total number of TRON real-time accounts reached 3,208,610 and 104,579 new addresses were added this week. -Total number of transactions exceeded 480 million. Number of new transactions this week: 8.02 million.

Tron DApp

DApp data of the week Total number of DApp on TRON: 495; This week’s new DApp: 10; week-on-week growth: 2.1%.

The DAU of IRON Mph this week: 414,000; number of transactions: 5.17 million; transaction volume: $93 77 million.


  1. The TRON MainNet officially released Odyssey-V3.6. Check the website, TIP protocol link: Thanks to the developers of the MainNet for their hard work around the clock;
  2. According to the ClAppreview, the 7-day transaction volume of TRON DApp Ecosystem has exceeded those of EOS and ETH. reaching 8101.616,658. Moreover, our transaction volume was above that of EOS for four consecutive days. As the world’s largest DApp ecosystem platform, DAppReview includes 10 main chains (IRON and others), totaling more than 3,300 DApps;
  3. On the occasion of the one year anniversary of TRON’s “Independence Day”, TRON WeChat store ran a “buy one get one free” sales discount for a group of hit products. In addition, our WeChat store recently added the latest T-shirt and merchandise lines. Purchase in our store to enjoy a 20% discount for all our new products;
  4. As we celebrate the first Independence Day anniversary, TRON launched a special event on June 25. Participants have opportunity to win 19,625 TRX. Within three working days after the event, one of the participants will be selected as the lucky winner, winning 19,625 TRX.
  5. In order to promote community activity and market stability. IRON announced that it will launch the largest and most extensive secondary market buyback program to date. The plan for TRX buy-back from the secondary market in batches is set to run for one year with a budget of no less than $20 million. The buy-back is underway. The TRX holding of TRON Foundation will be unlocked on January 1, 2020. IRON Foundation has not made any plan as to how to process the unlocked TRX, and will continue to increase our TRX holding in the secondary market to manifest our confidence in the development of the IRON ecosystem.
  6. As IRON welcomes its first Independence Day anniversary, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, published an open letter to the community. In the letter, he talked about the achievements made by IRON in the past year and envisioned the future for TRON as a leader, contributor, and advocator of a decentralized autonomous ecosystem. IRON ecosystem is a decentralized and autonomous one. Its rules are formulated on the basis of a transparent and open source computing procedure so that it is jointly governed by TRX token holders without being undermined by a centralized authority;
  7. TRON’s original program, “TRONGRID API Class”, released the 17th-18th issues this week, covering TRONWEB and TRANSACTIONBUILI. The new TronGrid API service enables users to read API in a more user-friendly way: reduce latency, improve consistency, availability, and partition tolerance;
  8. TRON’s original program “TRON Developer’s Guide” published its 33st -36rd issues this week, covering TRX wallet (IRON Wallet RPC-APH, IRON BOX basics, and transaction management. TRON’s team created the IRON Developer’s Guide to better serve community developers and builders, and to attract more contributors to join us in building the global ecosystem community of IRON. The Developer’s Guide will explain in a progressive manner the dos and don’ts for running the NM in the IRON network; TRON’s original program “Smart Contract Security Class” published its 7th issue this week, reviewing possible risks of delegatecall. With the progress of TRON DApp ecosystem, improving the defense capacity of smart contract is becoming an important element in DApp development. Therefore, IRON is collecting open source DApp codes from our community, with which we will explain the details on security with real-life scenarios.


  1. Weibo account @TRXjiequ made a scrolling image concerning the announcement “IRON launches a $20 million TRX buy-back plan”. This is done to explain to people, through pictures, the detail, purpose, amount, characteristics, and possible impact of TRX buy-back”.
  2. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, was invited to Asia Blockchain Summit 2019 and delivered a speech. “I hope to have in-depth discussion and analysis with all of you attending the summit”, Sun said, “I would like you to know more of the blockchain revolution that’s going on today and I look forward to meeting you in the future”.


1. The secondary market performance

Market cap and trading volume: This week, market cap of TRX has made it back to the top 10, reaching $2.43 billion, with a increase of 9.53% compared with last week.

  • Market cap and trading volume: This week, TRX trading volume has reached $6.14 billion, with an increase of 32.44% compared with last week.

Price: This week, TRX opened at EL 03332, with the highest price reaching $0.04027, and the highest increase was 20.86%.


1. Atlas:

DB migration into production environment has been completed this week..

  • Third quarter planning has been finalized this week.

2. UT/BT Clients:

This week the domain of products has been changed to;

  • The SAU section of BitTorrent classic client has been completed this week;
  • The feature flipper control for Tron TV has been implemented.

3. BTFS Infra:

The documentation has been released at this week;

  • 10 additional nodes have been initiated this week and v0.0.3 BUS has been released:
  • This week, the issue of WebUl name changing has been fixed;
  • This week, 16 BTFS beta developers has been identified for testing. 4. BTT BTFS:
  • Part 2 of the documentation has been designed this week;

This week, the BTFS Hub database has been used for Elasticsearch implementation.

5. TronGrid:

gRPC proxies for has been created this week;

New API for wallet has been created this week.

6. TRXMarket:

Technical Progress: TRXMarket has released the first version of the full-featured API documentation, optimized the page loading speed of TRXMarket through mobile phone, and fixed the issue of no image displaying on TRXMarket via mobile phone.

Operations: TRXMarket has integrated with the Dalong wallet and the DApp section of DApp Pocket. SCTSSCC Trading Awards have been successfully issued. The TRXMarket VENA trading competition concluded successfully and 100,000 VENA will be sent out soon.


  • Technology Progress: We officially launched TOKEN self-entry S update feature; the token logo uploading feature and contract information page have been optimized: the plan for optimizing website loading speed has been finalized; real-time calculation program for obtaining bandwidth and energy by freezing TRX has been reviewed.
  • Operations: The TRONSCAN Class Quiz campaign was held in the TRONSCAN’s official Telegram group. We have conducted a user survey to further improve user experience of TRONSCAN.

8. Tronlink:

Technical Progress: This week, we have completed the following tasks: the continuous test of multi-signature, the design of procedures for launching DApp automated test, the test of energy bank in PC, and the review of wallet visual reconstruction plan.


1. On the occasion of the first TRON Independence Day anniversary, BitTorrent sent their best wishes. In last July, TRON announced it’s acquisition of BitTorrent along with its affiliated products. BitTorrent and its over one billion global users have officially become part of the IRON ecosystem, making IRON ecosystem the world’s largest decentralized Internet ecosystem.

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