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Justin Sun and Warren Buffet will have lunch together in San Francisco on July 25th, 2019

Very Expensive – is it Worth the Money ?

It doesn’t matter what the famous Billionaire investor Warren Buffet thinks about the Crypto Space. The Mainstream Media is mentioning Buffet and Sun in the same sentence. TRON and Buffet and strategy and gain and success. Therefor TRON is becoming a household name like Coca Cola and Bitcoin. All the millions of people in America and around the globe will start associate one of the investor legends with TRON, if Mr. Buffet likes that or not. It also shows drastically the new star (or should I better say SUN) vs. the old, waning investment personality. Warren Buffet does not need any publicity anymore. His name is legend. But mentioning this name together with the new word TRON (unheard of by most of these millions of ordinary people) all the time does the trick. Suddenly TRON is associated with successful investment.

Bitcoin is back in the headlines, Tron belongs to the same category. Bitcoin is up in value this year again more than any other asset class. The average Joe does not care about different blockchains. He cares about “a good deal” like his president.

And the guys with some technical knowledge who care are finding the Tron Network much smoother than Ether with all it’s associated problems from insufficient amounts of gas at transactions up to ETH cats bringing the network to a standstill and Meta(stasis) Mask on Chrome.

But make no mistake: To be in the right place on the right time is more important than to have the better technology. If BOTH is true however, you will be the winner.

Warren Buffet doesn’t like change. After all he is an old man. For more than a decade the same steak house in New York City was host to the ebay power charity lunch. This year it will be held in San Francisco, home of 28 year old Chinese block chain wizard and CEO of BitTorrent, Justin Sun. So the 88 year old Berkshire Hathaway Chief will drink his Cherry Coke in Quince Restaurant this year. All this gets media attention and more mentioning of TRON, crypto and money.

the power lunch of justin sun with warren buffet is a chance for TRON to shine

Justin Sun made headlines last year when he announced that TRON acquired BitTorrent. Torrents are a very powerful tool that have one disadvantage: They dry up and die easily when the noone is seeding anymore. And at the current state there is no advantage of seeding continuously. With the advent of BTT tokens being paid for seeding this will revive the whole system again. I am eagerly waiting to test the new BitTorrent Speed Client with integrated BTT support.

Summary: With Justin Sun Tron to the Moon

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Why Sun’s Lunch Will Send TRON to the Moon
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