Streaming platform Twitch quietly reintroduces Back Bitcoin Payments

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After removing the option to use Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payments back in late March 2019, Amazon-owned Twitch has reportedly bring back the option to donate with cryptocurrency

After removing the option to make Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments earlier in the year, streaming platform Twitch has reportedly reintroduced the ability to use crypto to donate to your favourite streamers.

Coin Rivet reported on the platform removing Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments back in March. Twitch did not provide a reason for the decision, opting to silently remove the function instead. Coin Rivet reached out for a comment at the time, though no response was received.

The reintroduction of crypto payments was first noticed by a Reddit user, who posted their findings on the site. The user has uploaded a photo showing someone in the process of donating to a Twitch streamer in Canada with crypto.

While the photo depicts the payment option as “Bitcoin”, it doesn’t appear to be a direct Bitcoin donation, as one user has pointed out that the service is being facilitated by BitPay, which was used by the site previously and converts the crypto into fiat before sending. The user writes: “They are using BitPay though. But still awesome.”

Twitch reintroducing Bitcoin payments on its platform has been received incredibly well on Reddit, with the post generating upwards of 1,800 upvotes.

The timing of the move is interesting in light of Bitcoin’s recent parabolic rise in price. This suggests that with the price of crypto no longer dwindling in the bear market, mainstream businesses are once again paying attention to cryptocurrency.

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