Promote Tron to earn incentives in TRX and Token

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According to our research in June 2019:

  • On Reddit, Ethereum has 440K community members; EOS has 66.8K community members; TRON has 71K community members.
  • On Telegram, Ethereum has too many community groups, cannot count; EOS has 41.3K community members; Tron Official Main Group has 40.8K community members.
  • On Facebook Groups, Ethereum has 131K community members; EOS has 17K community members; Tron has 47K community members.

Any blockchain technology depends heavily on its community. Clearly we have plenty of room to increase the Tron community in many social channels. Tron2Moon is about to launch a token in the Tron blockchain that will benefit all of its contributors by paying dividends in Trx.

The vision:

Being part of Tron Global, we bring TRON to top 3 of CoinMarketCap in the next 2 years.

The missions:

  • Increase TRON awareness by providing educational contents to the public.
  • Provide incentives to all contributors in Trx and in Token.
  • Indirectly increase Tron community in social media channels and boots TRX price.
  • Build a TRON full node to support Tron Network.
  • Be a Super Representative.
  • Sponsor or create Tron-based DApps

How does it work?

  1. Register an account on our website and enter your Tron address in profile
  2. Create an post with your own content – get 1000 tokens once post selected. Follow our Guidelines
  3. Share the content in social media of your choice
    • 1 valid share gets 1 token
    • 1 valid comment gets 1 token
    • 1 valid like gets 1 token
    • 1000 valid views (PPI) gets 10-100 tokens

Your reward = (Total Revenue across Tron2Moon network) x Your tokens / Total distributed tokens

Note: Total Revenue across Tron2Moon network = Total Revenue in Advertising on the website + Total Revenue in DApps created by Tron2Moon + Any other Revenue sources

Early Sign-up as member of get airdrop of 1000 tokens. We also have another Airdrop on Twitter: Deadline: End of July 2019.

All tokens will be distributed from 1st August 2019.

List of users will get 1000 token Airdrop (Update daily)

jnlhen05 – TUD5fH16s5pP4FxFz4RXegTBqK7FHouzTM
syafwan29 – TSSmybQQsnTYNWperoRf1cEzfzM6Z7Rq2T
Yemolou – TQY4pv9sXryAqtBKuxhqeihxWyRPRRy2JZ
AnTa1913 – TXrVVv9PPQozgmCKSo2wmYeQu3mPf4Cx8X
default. – THM4vgzoXQT7FHha8zDVPU453P8o7BjfEU
Eddie – TWMPqxDhS7WWP9ooWiUvXDp8SfLqLtyYUa
JakeTRX – TW6auq3A3jhZMTWgqvJSY5ay4PHJxQhtyo
Lahooti – TDtLF8fNzxSghXwbkLW4A4kEBGtutmWta9
lpsevanjelina – TY4a4WYhgAwj8zAvsTvwg8ivBiyx1xZSZ4
m4rk0Dnl – TTLzYZXWz31rNfMDV783ERMgnaSknWAzjb
MatthisB – TKB7E8h7xuDFroTt7n7HMcv9GioE4AJ27i
mulyadi – TMTHB8qmoKsyaB6pSbnKDxHAkcRLuiuyca
rezaeza – TY4mCnom2qwy73P4h6vD86DW6hFrx1coMV – pending
Acemanaus – TStXCDQgun23CoA5G3TrVFfMU66bGLFTEu
markanthony – TFKuFvPLCnmPkF7tQnxGkTBeceXg5QTNSZ – pending
T1Brigade – TNSqfQaNjAxWxCKNqpCHR84rH665sEHX8V
MoneyBoyz – TWYSMkPjfMshPRuYAc4KbCiYmkyrMJFXsj
2ez28u – TQq8RQjnC5wLs9ytYBCsq85EKMBpgRHTfZ – pending
mulyadi – TMTHB8qmoKsyaB6pSbnKDxHAkcRLuiuyca – pending
jomahaltd – TKQwuRadkPtaYKMxi3LzkLLyRriujqPGGF
lephuphong – TCKQSWS8wJYu5qHCNYAaEb2PDnUr3tNtnd
hasanprodhan – TNKVTmCxa3ktPZugZeXoxP6AUDe9B3EVRD
rozakihaidar – TMv18YvuuZU4rEN9WNLiGzkLtp276dNiqr
vpalych51t – TE9WNAcvsHStRkY7MgwY5EQVRBsS7quc8K
sajidkhan114 – TN6ivMcJ1T4jYUzpsHfMtSKZezBZR8W3kZ
neoelieccer – TPpppoLH2e8Yr2KRZ8wWXiqy4QAB891Vgg
ya7lelkom – TUyqd8sHfQbMsNdCup8caMW5CzjSTRipVF
yudiraydelgadog – TAsp8pEQhdtZQU5Ss5n1yBvJgLTCj9GBv8

Registered and Verified Users but Not Provided TRON Address:

Shiful680 –
mohamedsalah –
risktaker –
richardgrantshaw –
kristofferborgyobial –
cat777 –

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