3 ways to make money from TRON

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Making a passive income through a blockchain network is the ‘holy grail’ to making money and can be something that’s not really attainable. With that in mind, there is good news for the Tron (TRX) community, and that is: they can make money on Tron’s network for free without paying even a buck or dealing with hidden charges.

Tron is a massive project that’s poised to make sure we have a decentralized internet. Since its protocol is one of the largest in the blockchain world, it has a good number of mini-projects for its community from which they can take advantage. Are you thinking of how to earn a passive income on Tron’s network for free? Alright, we hear you asked. Here are some potential ways in which you can make money with Tron without spending a penny.


Tronbet is a gaming platform where users can stake using TRXs. It is vital to know that Tronbet is a decentralized gaming platform which is transparent and fair. Also, Tronbet is the first e-gaming platform on Tron’s network. The more you bet as a user, the more ANTE tokens that are received.

Subsequently, Tron’s ANTE token, according to Tronbet whitepaper, helps to reallocate wealth to Tron community and to those who participate on the gaming platform.

Also, about 100 percent of all ANTE tokens received from the platform are re-distributed to all individuals who own ANTE. Although, gaming on Tronbet may impose risk as it involves betting; still, it is a potential way to earn money on Tron network.

IGG (Intergalactic Gaming)

The era of esport has come to stay, and Tron is making sure the revolution is right. The IGG (Intergalactic Gaming) makes use of smart contracts and blockchain technology to revolutionize the way people interact in the realm of esports.

IGG tokens (the TRC-20 ones that are based on Tron network) are poised to play a crucial role in the Tron ecosystem as it has accountable use cases for teams, gamers, brands, and of course, the wider public.

If you read the whitepaper of the project, it states that IGG is a community for games and even from there, you can become a member of Tron network. One the most critical benefit of registering in the platform is that you will get rewards (5000 Intergalactic gold) after performing certain activities.

Voting and SEEDING

The best ways to earn money on Tron’s network is through voting and seeding. It is worth noting that the Super Representatives you’ve voted for will offer you rewards after you freeze a certain amount of TRX on Tron network (freezing TRXs is necessary for voting on the network).

On the other side, holding SEEDs gives you rewards and more significant votes. For instance, if you are being given three votes per SEED and you hold it – it automatically implies that for every SEED you hold votes for sesameseed at 3 TRX (you get 3 TRXs).

Even though the potential of earning is 3 TRX but that keeps fluctuating, and you may even get up to 6 TRX soon. Also, when SEEDING, users would start getting about 80 percent of the total revenue that SEEDGerminator project generates.

Consequently, more and more projects are coming up on the Tron network and it is probable that they will offer rewards for being an active player on the project or just by holding the tokens to earn more.

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