Tron vs Eth transaction speed

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#TRON is worth $2.5 billion (and only growing), its become the #1 platform for dapps, its attracting new developers every day and is down a similar % to #ETH from all time highs. Devs cant make good dapps on ETH in its current state.

Whether you like $TRX or not, you must admit it very very fast. It has the foundation to build future applications on. The TRX drama such as the Tesla event is just noise, but the tech is there.

Metamask for #Ethereum and TronLink for #Tron, both are available on the Google Play Store.

Tron have super representatives making it semi centralised. Etherium is slower because it’s from 2014 and has 1000’s of apps and other coins to piggyback. ETH 2.0 will be released next year. Both TRX & ETH are solid projects.

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